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Featured products

Skin pro skin washing machine

Stronger and more effective than ordinary washing.
Contaminated particles, environmental contaminants, airborne particles and the surrounding environment, and dead skin make the skin dirty and darker.
This device is an extremely effective and powerful tool for removing and eliminating these contaminations from the surface of the skin.
With this device, you'll have 8x clear and brighter skin with clean pores.
A soft scrub that cleanses the face completely within a minute.
How to use :
First, soak the brush with water, then apply one of the rinsing solutions appropriate to your skin type, brush or face, and then massage your forehead and cheek skin and skin with circular movements for one minute. Then wash your face thoroughly with water.
This device has a one-minute auto-save time on its hand until it stops for one minute.
The duration of washing is as follows:
20 seconds forehead
20 seconds chin
20 seconds Species
487,500 تومان

CC Hair Beautifier

Cyto Cream Cytofire
❤️ contains keratin and Omega complexes
✅1. Raises traffic and refrains
✅. Strong and moisturizer
✅3.Another hair conditioner
✅. Prevention of burns and airborne contamination
✅5. Hair clarifier
6. Caring for comfort and comfort is easier
✅7.Avoid the damage of the hair dryer and the harmful rays of the sun
✅8.Avoidance of wear and tear of hair and make up
✅9. Composing
✅10. Preventing stagnant electricity and frayed hair Enhancing the hair while at the same time taking care of shampoos
Use it
Spray on dry hair overnight, then massage the nails a little.
For short hair 2 to 3 sprays
Medium 3 to 5 sprays
Long 4 to 6 spray
112,500 تومان

THE ONE 5-in-1 WonderLash Mascara

A perfect trim with a unique brush that gives the lashes a three-dimensional look.
Five Characteristics in a Basket:
1. Volunteer
2- Lift
3. Form and controller
4. Grape seeding eyelashes
5- A nourishing eyelashes and hydrating
Available color code: 30719 Black
60,000 تومان

Colourbox Fatlash Mascara

Volumizing and filler eyelashes Calbera
With a XL brush and a new technology for lashes to the eyelashes
Without causing ocular sensation
Without spreading and pouring
Totally black
45,000 تومان

Seeing is Believing Optimals Eye Cream

Volumizing and filler eyelashes Calbera
With a XL brush and a new technology for lashes to the eyelashes
Without causing ocular sensation
Without spreading and pouring
Totally black
90,000 تومان

Essentials Face Cream Papaya

⌒itai poppy is a fruit rich in sugars and vitamins.
➑□ Has a skin smoothing feature
⑨️ Helps to soften the skin and restore beauty to the skin
Etainpite a combination of several vitamins
Vitamin B3: Healthy Skin Nourishment
Vitamin B5: Creates a wonderful smoothness in the skin
Vitamin B6: Creates flexibility in the skin
Vitamin C: Improves the effects of sunlight on the skin
Vitamin E: Protects the skin
Facial Moisturizing Cream with Peppermint Extract with Enjoyable Fruity Concentrate
✅ For all skin types
Quantity: 75 ml
56,250 تومان

Essentials Face Cleanser Papaya

Creamy Face Cream Cleanser with Papaya Extract
⌒itai poppy is a fruit rich in sugars and vitamins.
➑□ Has a skin smoothing feature
⑨️ Helps to soften the skin and restore beauty to the skin
Etainpite a combination of several vitamins
Vitamin B3: Healthy Skin Nourishment
Vitamin B5: Creates a wonderful smoothness in the skin
Vitamin B6: Creates flexibility in the skin
Vitamin C: Improves the effects of sunlight on the skin
Vitamin E: Protects the skin
⭕ face the face of papaya esnhalsz
Fruit juice extract and papaya juice extracts
✅ A detergent designed to wash all types of skin contamination with a new look for the skin
Quantity: 150 ml
56,250 تومان

Fresh Activelle comfort Anti perspiration deodorant

48 hours,
Contains Green Tea Leaf Extract
Awesomeness Concealer.
Suitable for athletes and those who are sweating their bodies.
Quantity: 50ml
45,000 تومان

Comfort Activelle Anti-perspirant Deodorant

48 hours,
Contains flaxseed extracts
Without rejecting moisture
Awesomeness Concealer.
Suitable for athletes and those who are sweating their bodies.
Quantity: 50ml
45,000 تومان

Invisible Activelle Anti-perspirant Deodorant

48 hours,
For white and black dresses, without making clothes on top of clothes and creating whitefly
Awesomeness Concealer.
Suitable for athletes and those who are sweating their bodies.
Quantity: 50ml
45,000 تومان

Activelle comfort Anti perspirant deodorant cream

🍥🍥Anti-Perspirant 48h🍥
🍥Deodorant Cream🍥
Anti-Wash Cream 48 Hours
Cream, deodorant and activated antiperspirant, prevents the body from unpleasant odor, softener and moisturizer, without causing fat and stickiness and contamination of clothing.
Use it: After washing the area and drying the stomach, rub off enough cream to sweat areas and massage in order to achieve uniform coverage.
Quantity: 50ml
45,000 تومان

Ascendant Eau De Toilet

With a hot and bitter fragrance
 The best choice for formal parties and classy gentlemen.
 This cologne is special for gentlemen who are important to the attractiveness and specificity of being independent and free.
 Combining this product with Mandarin, Rosemary, Cardamom and Ginger, especially Vanilla, its ingredients are found.
The Oriflame Ascendant for men EDT olfactory notes are:
Primary Taste: Mandarin Orange, Cardamom, Bergamot, Ginger, Greip Forward, Fennel
Middle Aroma: Normal Lavender, Rose Marie, Artemisia
Base aromas: Cedar tree, Vetiver, Vanilla, Cedar, Bean Tonka
With high durability
One of the most famous and popular creatures of Oriflame ever since
Quantity: 75ml
247,500 تومان

The One Eye Liner Stylo Jumbo

Magnetic Eyeliner, for smooth and perfect linear drag Very soon it is dry and it is lasting.
Take a deep look at your eyes.
The erasers are easily cleaned.
It can be used to draw a wide and narrow line.
Black color
75,000 تومان

Novage Skin Renewing Peel Off

This product absorbs the skin gently and effectively, enhances the skin dramatically, and cleanses the skin young, clear, and immediately cleans.
 It consists of hydroxyalpha (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acids (BHA) acids.
Combining the efficiency of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), as well as the known pomegranate enzymes with peeling properties. This product will clearly improve the texture of the skin, it will help the skin to be subtle and delicate, and make the skin more healthy.
How to use:
Apply 1epse to skin on face and neck in a superficial layer. Avoid contact in the eye area.
Leave 2yeq for 20 minutes.
 3️⃣ To achieve better results, massage the remainder of the product on the skin for one minute.
 4️⃣ Finally, rinse the skin with warm water.
Quantity: 100ml Send feedback History Saved Community
135,000 تومان

Giordani Gold Essenza: Eau de Parfum

A unique ingredient of blossoms of orange and woody gardens made a glamorous and exciting smell, such as liquid gold drops.
The woody and fragrant fruit of this fragrance, it is isolated from all the aromas of Oriflame and is very special.
Due to its perfection, it has a shelf life of up to 12 hours and has a great deal of smell.
This unique fragrance is a luxurious living companion with a stunning glass with a decorated with a pure golden color that is very durable and fragrant.
Designed with a luxurious scent for a woman who likes to bring luxury and artistic life.
Quantity: 50ml
472,500 تومان

Sun Zone Sand Repellent Spray SPF 50 High

Sunscreen spray and sand repellants
Body specific
Enhance the skin's protection against the sun with this spray and go safely to the beach and have fun.
It has a non-sticky formula
Light and early absorption
With the highest SPF
Repeller of sand from the body
Water resistant
With advanced security technology Protective against UVA and UVB rays
Protecting against free radicals
Quantity: 150ml
165,000 تومان

The one brush stroke eye liner

Natural Shine
Without falling
Durability and high durability
Brilliant Black - 33313
52,500 تومان

Tea Tree wipes

Cleanses the makeup, fats and other imperfections, while helping to target stains to keep your skin clean and fresh.
This product is great for those with oily skin.
Disinfects the skin and prevents welds. The fat absorbs the skin and prevents the skin from twitching.
Contains 25 numbers
60,000 تومان

The one contouring kit

To cover defects like bruises
Wrinkles around the eyes
With excellent coverage and long durability
Clear part to highlight some areas of the face (shown in the photo)
Dark part to darken some areas of the face
Pink part to pink the species
198,750 تومان

Giordani Gold radiant complexion cream steak

Excellent color and attractive cover
In fact, this product is a kind of Shinnig which is used for many parts of the body, especially when you are wearing it and you want a special effect to yourself.
Easily put this Shinig's regiment on the cheek, nose bone, chin and waist side when wearing short Slip on the bones of your hand and slide your finger around after the ring!
See with this unique product.
Soft and Steak
Without feeling fat
In two colors:
Code 33111: Brilliant Coral
Code 33112: Brilliant Bronze
195,000 تومان

Giordani Gold Holiday Glow Bronzing Pearls

New design of magic balls
With a new, expert design, the sun shines like your skin.
Contains a complex of minerals and soft tissue This new color gives you a healthy look.
165,000 تومان

Gel-Conditioner for eyelids & eyelashes The ONE

Oriflame is a natural product that lifts and thickens eyelashes and eyebrows, and also hydrates. If you see the name of the product on the Internet, you will see that all those who have used the product have seen their work clearly after a month. Perhaps we can safely say 100% that this product is extraordinary and surely you will see the miracle using this product.
The vitamins in this product are very essential to the eyelashes. That's why it brings back eyebrows and eyelashes. The amount of product is high and is sufficient for a period of 4 months. How to use:
When the eyelashes and eyebrows are perfectly clean, apply the mascara to the eyelash and its roots, and leave it a little on the eyelash, and sleep well overnight before you can get a good result.
63,750 تومان

Milk and honey Hand and body cream

The cream deeply nourishes skin milk proteins, and reduces the amount of honey, restores the fragments and cracks of the skin after a while, restoring the skin. Completely organic made from natural milk and honey. Suitable for dry and very dry skin.
Quantity: 250ml
82,500 تومان

Amazing Paradise

New fragrance
Udo Perfume with a very high shelf life
Oriflame Perfume & Fragrance Aroma Perfume
Very attractive
💠 Inventor of the luxury of luxury stylish women
💠 Combines citrus and woody notes
And a rare flower known as the Flower of Paradise
With a lasting one full day and a lasting smell of wood
Those who love woody notes do not hesitate to buy this fragrance instantly
This fragrance is very fragrant and wonderful.
Try it can be your permanent smell 👍🎉
Quantity: 50ml
313,500 تومان

Giordani Gold Invisible Touch Loose Powder

It is composed of clear particles to soften and cover the disadvantages of fine lines and fine lines, as well as moisturize areas of skin that require moisture.
Avoid excessive sweating and excessive fat in the skin, and continue to make up for longer hours, as well as make the face more smooth and perfect. After completing the makeup, spread the whole face.
Quantity: 10 grams
225,000 تومان

Divine Eua de Toilet

Davine Perfume has a perfectly cool fragrance including kiwi essence, bamboo and some forest plants. Suitable for hot summer days, The fragrance is very long lasting.
Quantity: 50ml
217,500 تومان

The ONE IlluSkin Blush

Amazing product from Oriflame
Dvd Von Dior, one of the best selling products of Oriflame in 2014 ...
High shelf life without need for renewal,   Creating natural gloss and professional highlighting of species ...
Without creating a boil ...
Quantity: 4gr
97,500 تومان

Sublime Nature Tonka Bean

Hot and sweet - gentle
Tonic notes of bay
Tonka beans are grown in tropical regions such as Brazil, South America, Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru.
A unique combination of vanilla, cinnamon, caramel and nutmeg, such as almonds, has long been used by indigenous peoples of the region for hypnosis or indigenous and religious ceremonies, and has long since entered the industry. Perfumed.
Strong and stable aroma of this fragrance creates a unique excitement of warmth and sensation.
🍒 High and highly perfumed scent concentrate - With a line of fragrances
A very aristocratic and very special kind of goodbye
Quantity: 50ml
435,000 تومان

My Destiny Eau de Parfum

A superb blend of fruity notes, floral aromas and octopus, a well-known ingredient to enhance your sense of self-esteem
Astonishing and mesmerizing aroma of peony and lotus
Unique glass design inspired by amber
With a life span of eight times the world's famous perfumes
Quantity: 50ml
255,000 تومان

Love Nature Body & Hair Oil Avocado Oil

Deep concentration
Apply body and hair oils to your body after showering on dry skin instead of your local worm. To help nourish the skin.
⭕️ Once you feel your skin is dry and thirsty to feed, recycle the body oil.
⭕️ After washing your hair, take a few drops of body oil and hair lotion.
⭕тей Avokado oil should be shrunk through the shoulders of the hair from the middle to the end of the hair.
⭕️ do not scrub the oil, your hair looks shiny and healthy.
Quantity: 100ml
75,000 تومان

Optimals Moisture Quenching Face Mask

A great mask for deep skin cleansing
Silky jelly texture for refreshing and hydrating the skin
✅ Additional care
Hydrating gel mask with Swedish natural ingredients, designed to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin and release the skin from contamination.
Helps smooth, smooth, and brilliantly with a feeling of coolness and relaxation in the skin. As a result, you will have a healthier skin.
Bluewater: Helps to hydrate and protect against the damage of free radicals
Blackberry: Watering, brightening and helping restore skin moisture
Rose Berry: Helps to revitalize, rejuvenate skin and increase luminosity
Quantity: 50ml
105,000 تومان

Giordani Gold Master Creation Lipstick SPF20

✨Includes new luxurious lips and aristocrats of Jaredani Goldaeid
Rejuvenates and protects the lips
Grape seed oil for care and hydration of the lips
Silk (transparent) and cream-free, anti-aging formulations
SPF 20 to protect the lips against environmental factors and damage
❌ No lead and chemicals
Complete with herbal and organic material in a separate laboratory in Sweden
101,250 تومان

True Brow sun glasses

100% eye protection from UV rays as well as universal glass
232,500 تومان

The ONE Everlasting Foundation

No extra fat, 25 hours of longevity, excellent coverage, with skin renew formulation to nourish the skin and deepen the skin, protecting from environmental factors.
✔️ This cream is a true remedy for skin defects.
✔️ Ensuring a smooth, single-handed face on a full day is guaranteed for you.
✔️ This powder cream, in addition to having a long lasting appearance, creates a mask on the skin.
Quantity: 30ml
112,500 تومان

Giordani Gold Age defying foundation

Giordani Gold Age defying foundation
Anti-Aging Cream Giardani Gold
Ideal powder cream with skin regenerative formula, SPF 8, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle With high durability and strong coverage.
The ability to restore color and tone of the skin and its younger age An extract of a white mushroom with antioxidants to remove mild wrinkles and prevent skin aging (as opposed to the worst powders cream)
This new cream powder contains mineral salts that, while hydrating, enhance the skin.
Quantity: 30 ml
127,500 تومان

Dream Sleep Body Oil Laveder

Smoothing body oil and removing boredom and tiredness of londer (lavender)
After a busy day and hot water bath, bring this relaxation and relaxation to your body. This body oil is the result of several years of research by Oriflame researchers that you can restore calm to your skin.
The lavender plant causes relaxation and relaxes the blood vessels and makes you relax after a busy day.
Quantity: 100ml
93,750 تومان

Tender Care Set

4 Tender Care In Different Flavors, Contains Natural Fruit Extractor in A Beautiful Gift Box
Protective Balm
Contains Vitamin E-Enriched Wax Extract
To eliminate local dryness
((Special design in a golden container on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Oriflame)
Quantity of each: 15ml
157,500 تومان

Giordani Gold CC Cream

✿Gyordani Gold CCenty sunscreen
✔ Easy and lightweight
✔️ along with skin rejuvenation
✔pie Strong China Smooth Wipes
✔Just a strong sunscreen SPF35
Thirty worms are eye color correction creams that give one hand and improve the color of the face.
Giardia Gold's Crystal Complex containing a golden complex will sparkle, and with SFP 35, it will protect your skin against harmful sun rays.
✅ This cream works on the smudges and shades of the skin and treats the color of the skin.
In two bright and natural colors
Quantity: 50ml
240,000 تومان

Eleo Soft Touch Oil

No fat
Tasks of this product:
Improve Your Quality and Prevent It
Without fat, absorbing the stems of each hair
Rapid / Soft and Revitalizing
Awesome and durable hair extension
__Argan Extravagant Oil, Rose Bouquet, and Bordeaux, and Vitamin E
Brightening and revitalizing hair from root to tip of hair.
This product is surprisingly pleasing to your hair Be sure to try.
Quantity: 50ml
157,500 تومان

The ONE Triple Core Lipstick

Three cores:
1-layer dye exterior
2-layer glossy middle
(Shine beans that give your lips a glimmer of light and gloss). The 3-layer interior contains herbal ingredients containing vegetable oil that provides liposolubility without greasy, softness and moisture.
In addition to moisturizing the lips, this lipstick is extremely lipstick-free and free of lead. The product is available in a variety of colors.
You do not need a separate lipstick with this product in the winter. And your lips will be safe from cracking in the cold and scaling.
67,500 تومان

Royal Velvet Eye Cream

Special for women 40 years and older
 To order Monica Balochi, a Hollywood actor, to Oriflame
This firming cream has a new and improved formulation that eliminates the lines of the eye, bezel, black and puffiness of the eye miraculously and prevents new wrinkles.
Enriched with lily of the valley that gives you the feeling of smoothness and firmness of the skin around the eyes.
Quantity: 15 ml
165,000 تومان

Ecobeauty Face Cream

Suitable for all ages
With all kinds of skin
Contains Swedish Blueberries and Sea Buckthorn Extract, Rich in antioxidants for skin rejuvenation.
Refreshing and relieving the effects of stress and fatigue
Brightening the skin
Composed of completely natural materials
No harmful chemicals such as parabens
✓ Approved and licensed ECOCERT
300,000 تومان

The One Nail Polish

This goggle lacquer is less resistant to other lacquers than the other lacquers, has a higher durability, has no carcinogens and also has a wide brush.
52,500 تومان

Love Nature Fragranced Talc Cooling Delight

Suppresses moisture and excess body fat, suitable for those who are sweating their hands and body quickly, reducing the body's unpleasant odors, 100% herbal and non-allergenic.
Very practical and practical
Avoid burning
These white mineral grains slip on the skin and make it smoother.
It takes excessive transpiration of talc and prevents it from wearing off the skin as one of the best natural protectors.
Artificial clothes and fibers cause inflammation and itching of the skin. You can use it to soothe the inflamed skin.
Quantity: 100 gr
52,500 تومان

Double_ended blackhead remover

Eyebrow Lim Remover for removing black and white head welds, loose holes for blackheads, and loops filled with whitening teats.
The best time to take after bathing or after eating is skin that is completely water-repellent and soft
42,000 تومان

The One Loose Blush

Amazing product from Oriflame
Dvd Von Dior, one of the best selling products of Oriflame in 2014 ...
High shelf life without need for renewal,   Creating natural gloss and professional highlighting of species ...
Without creating a boil ...
Quantity: 4gr
Rose color
75,000 تومان

The One A-Z Cream Hydra SPF30

New A-Z Hydra Cream with Snap 30
A modified cream with a new formulation, called A-Z Cream, was offered by Oriflame.
10 times better performance
Corrects the face of the face.
✅ Gives skin hydration throughout the day.
Abnormal tonsils eliminate the face.
Toning of skin with a new and advanced formulation
Protecting skin protects skin against harmful sun rays.
With Urban-Shield Format Protects skin from environmental pollution. It's a lot of light and early absorption.
✅ Reduced visible pores.
✅ Resistant to sweat
Prepare for a perfect makeup.
It gives you unparalleled clarity to the skin.
Does not contain excess fat (for oily and normal skin)
Bright dye color (34541)
120,000 تومان

Face Toner Aloe Vera

Cleans and moisturizes the daily routine from your skin.
Aloe Vera extract
Knit the skin and prevent its shine
Get rid of skin surface contamination  
Create a sense of freshness and happiness and create a sense of smoothness
🌟🌟Query usage:
یز After washing your face with gel or water, dry your face and neck with cotton or clean cloth so that it does not damage the skin and does not need to rinse.
Quantity: 150 ml
58,500 تومان