Essentials Face Cleanser Papaya

Creamy Face Cream Cleanser with Papaya Extract
⌒itai poppy is a fruit rich in sugars and vitamins.
➑□ Has a skin smoothing feature
⑨️ Helps to soften the skin and restore beauty to the skin
Etainpite a combination of several vitamins
Vitamin B3: Healthy Skin Nourishment
Vitamin B5: Creates a wonderful smoothness in the skin
Vitamin B6: Creates flexibility in the skin
Vitamin C: Improves the effects of sunlight on the skin
Vitamin E: Protects the skin
⭕ face the face of papaya esnhalsz
Fruit juice extract and papaya juice extracts
✅ A detergent designed to wash all types of skin contamination with a new look for the skin
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