Skin pro skin washing machine

Stronger and more effective than ordinary washing.
Contaminated particles, environmental contaminants, airborne particles and the surrounding environment, and dead skin make the skin dirty and darker.
This device is an extremely effective and powerful tool for removing and eliminating these contaminations from the surface of the skin.
With this device, you'll have 8x clear and brighter skin with clean pores.
A soft scrub that cleanses the face completely within a minute.
How to use :
First, soak the brush with water, then apply one of the rinsing solutions appropriate to your skin type, brush or face, and then massage your forehead and cheek skin and skin with circular movements for one minute. Then wash your face thoroughly with water.
This device has a one-minute auto-save time on its hand until it stops for one minute.
The duration of washing is as follows:
20 seconds forehead
20 seconds chin
20 seconds Species
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