Gel-Conditioner for eyelids & eyelashes The ONE

Oriflame is a natural product that lifts and thickens eyelashes and eyebrows, and also hydrates. If you see the name of the product on the Internet, you will see that all those who have used the product have seen their work clearly after a month. Perhaps we can safely say 100% that this product is extraordinary and surely you will see the miracle using this product.
The vitamins in this product are very essential to the eyelashes. That's why it brings back eyebrows and eyelashes. The amount of product is high and is sufficient for a period of 4 months. How to use:
When the eyelashes and eyebrows are perfectly clean, apply the mascara to the eyelash and its roots, and leave it a little on the eyelash, and sleep well overnight before you can get a good result.
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