The One Loose Blush

Amazing product from Oriflame
Dvd Von Dior, one of the best selling products of Oriflame in 2014 ...
High shelf life without need for renewal,   Creating natural gloss and professional highlighting of species ...
Without creating a boil ...
Quantity: 4gr
Rose color
SKU: 32687
100,000 تومان
65,000 تومان
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The ONE Triple Core Lipstick

Three cores:
1-layer dye exterior
2-layer glossy middle
(Shine beans that give your lips a glimmer of light and gloss). The 3-layer interior contains herbal ingredients containing vegetable oil that provides liposolubility without greasy, softness and moisture.
In addition to moisturizing the lips, this lipstick is extremely lipstick-free and free of lead. The product is available in a variety of colors.
You do not need a separate lipstick with this product in the winter. And your lips will be safe from cracking in the cold and scaling.
58,500 تومان